How does Reflexology Massage work?

Reflexology is a term which is increasingly becoming more popular among the masses who are seeking alternative medication options. When initially hearing the term some sort of in-depth human reflex improvement technique may be imagined. Although this visualization may be somewhat true, a reflexology massage is involved in numerous aspects of health.

During the massage an adept practitioner basically utilizes his or her hands to apply a suitable amount of strain in a firm but yet gentle manner to specific parts on the feet and hands. According to the teachings of reflexology these areas contain zones that have an energetic relationship with particular body organs and glands through invisible energy channels known as meridians. When the practitioner massages these zones, appropriate energy channels get stimulated and as a result boost healing and relief from pain.

For example if a person seeks the help of a reflexology practitioner with regards to a bladder problem, for the latter it will mean that an energy blockage exists between the organ (bladder in this case) and a precise spot on the arch of the foot zone of the client. The practitioner will then proceed to provoke an energy flow to the bladder through massaging a relevant spot using his or her thumbs, fingers or both.

After the intervention people notice that they feel more at peace, less anxious and very thirsty. Since circulation and the digestive system are naturally enhanced through the reflexology massage these side effects are mostly attributed to toxins being released from the human body. The massages aims at removing negative energy which manifests through pain and discomfort. This is achieved with life improving energy manifesting through relief and greater sense of well-being. At its philosophical core, this is what it is about.

Massage training courses in New Zealand

In the contemporary world, massage has been highly recommended for health reasons such as treatment of anxiety, headaches, digestive disorders, insomnia related to stress among other problems. Learning massage therapy in New Zealand aims at acquainting learners with skills that will make them proficient in their job. For this reason, one should select a good college that offers good training for ultimately best skills.

It is worth noting that, the design of massage therapy programs in New Zealand is in such a way to cover a broad range of knowledge and skills which are essential for varied careers based in the massage industry.

A school for instance the Body Sense Massage School is highly recommended especially for short massage courses offered in New Zealand. Experts design the programs of this school. These experts are highly updated about modern schedules. Those who want to balance their various personal commitments and work will surely opt for this school. Actually, the design of the programs is in such a way to teach both the novice and experts.

The approved massage courses give a comprehension to diverse massaging techniques intended to treat sinus, cluster headaches, migraine and related problems by aiming on the 19 key points of the face and the head. The short-term massage trainings aid in identifying various types of headaches experienced. Furthermore, it also enables the learner to know how to manage the symptoms.


Statics show that people who are not taking care of their muscle fatigues can have detrimental muscle problems. In today’s working environment, we are standing for most of our lives on our feet. With that being said, the body is experiencing relentless muscle contraction with no breaks which lead to muscle fatigue. So how does one fight muscle fatigue? Simply by massaging for a few minute leaves the body relax and energetic. After a copious amount work standing and not properly posturizing the back leaves the body’s blood flow constricted and swollen.

However, by massaging the feet for a few minutes will unwind the tension built in the legs, and having a partner massaging the back is the right way to relax after a laborious day of work. One of the leading causes of muscle fatigue is sleep deprivation. In today’s time, people are more socially active. There are definitely times where one needs to stay awake past their sleeping schedule and may require a quick energy boost to keep the mind working for the night. By mildly applying pressure on the scalp and rubbing the head all around will get the blood circulation running smoothly. This will also result in working more efficiently.

Messaging the fatigued areas of the body rejuvenates the body after extensive labor. Massaging different parts of the body may have different positive effects, but the two major aching muscles that people typically experience is their legs and back. These two are the base that keeps us standing through the day and taking care of them is a necessity. By rubbing the scalp, we also get the blood flowing for helping us work more productively in times that may look bleak.